Exceptional architecture „for the love of perfection“

Architecture and Design

We are happy to build functional and architecturally interesting houses. We believe that housing should be healthy and provide a pleasant experience at any moment. We always cooperate on our projects with respected experts in the field of architecture, interior design and landscaping. The following exceptional studios cooperated on the Císařská vinice (“The Imperial Vineyard”) residential project: Podlipný Sladký architekti, Olgoj Chorchoj and the highly-valued landscape designers of the Flera studio.

Podlipný Sladký architekti

Podlipný Sladký architekti

We like to cooperate with the well-known Prague studio of Podlipný Sladký architekti, as we share visions and values, we enjoy their architecture and our clients like to live in it. Their layout of the interior space connects the home with the surroundings while ensuring maximum privacy. The smart dispositions of the Císařská Vinice project are very functional and made with great emphasis on storage space. Each apartment has a balcony or a large terrace, the apartments on the ground floor also a front garden. The houses for one family feature beautiful gardens oriented to the south.

Interiors by the Olgoj Chorchoj designers

Interiors by the Olgoj Chorchoj designers

We want the best living experience for you. We therefore approached the designers Prof. Michal Froněk and Jan Němeček of the well-known Olgoj Chorchoj studio, which holds the Czech Grand Design award. Olgoj Chorchoj has exhibited at the Moss Gallery and at the Radio House Gallery in New York, at the Vessel Gallery in London, and also at the Design Week in Milan. Prof. Michal Froněk personally designs the details of the interior solutions of Císařská Vinice and he selects the standard of the furnishings.

Gardens by Ferdinand Leffler

Gardens by Ferdinand Leffler

A view belongs to an apartment, a garden to a house – and a public space to the entire residential complex too. Because of this fact, we approached the well-known landscape expert and garden architect Ferdinand Leffler of the Flera studio to design it for you to have a beautiful everyday view, a functional garden and a park where you will enjoy spending your leisure time. An extraordinary public space, or a park, has been created here, which will please you every day of any season. And a project of their garden of dreams is prepared for the future owners of the houses.